Music Industry Resilience Acceleration Programme

Meet-Up in Riga

17 May 2024
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MI-RAP Partners Meet-Up in Riga

On April 16th and 17th, all MI-RAP partners gathered for the second in-person meeting, this time in Riga, hosted by Music Latvia. The workshop days took place at the Rock Cafe Riga, providing an ideal setting for productive discussions and creative exchanges.

Highlights of the Riga Meeting:

Over the two days, presentations from the working groups within the three work packages (WP1 Education, WP2 Innovation/Networking, and WP3 Green Events) showcased their progress and challenges. These presentations were followed by interactive feedback sessions where participants discussed strengths, areas for improvement, and outstanding questions. This exchange deepened understanding of each group’s work, identified common issues, and explored opportunities for collaboration. A major focus was also on MI-RAP’s communication strategy and potential visual and corporate identity. Intensive exchanges generated valuable ideas to improve MI-RAP’s public presence in the future.

Outside the formal program, shared meals and a city tour of Riga allowed partners to strengthen their connections and explore session topics further. At the end, participants had the opportunity to reflect on the two days and gather valuable feedback for future meetings.

The Meet-Up was rounded off with the production of a video addressing the key questions “What is MI-RAP and what happened during the two days in Riga?” The video can soon be found below.

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