Music Industry Resilience Acceleration Programme

Kick-Off Event

31 January 2024
MI-RAP held its Kick-Off on October 11-12, 2023 in Hamburg hosted by Hamburg Music. This first on-site Meeting aimed to outline project requirements, establish the framework for further project coordination as well as to to specify the different projects/test beds and address open questions.
Technical details


Day 1 of the meeting focused on discussing expectations and concerns, as well as exchanging insights on the music ecosystems in different regions. The Project Partners highlighted the importance of learning from each other, strengthening collaboration, and creating meaningful solutions. Challenges such as financial management, communication flaws, and the need for clearer project plans were also addressed.

Day 2 involved initial discussions within working groups on various aspects of the project. Partners shared insights into existing initiatives and strategies in their respective cities, highlighting the importance of data-driven decision-making, cross-collaboration, and sustainability efforts.

Overall, the Kick-Off meeting provided a platform for the project partners to exchange knowledge, identify common challenges, and lay the foundation for collaborative efforts to support the resilience and growth of the music industry in the Baltic Sea Region.