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Meet our team - University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre

30 August 2023
We are pleased to introduce you the project Lead partner from Poland - University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre (CNBCh UW).
Technical details

As a project leader, CNBCh UW has extensive experience in establishing contacts with scientific, business and public benefit organizations. In the project, we want to use our knowledge and experience in building mutual trust and cooperation, to establish contacts with decision-making bodies, such as public and local authorities. We want to use our expertise and scientific knowledge to respond to the needs of local authorities and to develop solutions to the topic of lake pollution related to high-intensity tourism. We have extensive research facilities and the latest technologies, allowing in the future a swift response to unpredictable and urgent challenges faced by local authorities due to the increase in tourism, and thus the increase in pollution in lakes.

More information:

About institution:

CNBCh UW was created in order to conduct advanced research of great scientific importance, the results of which are used to develop new technologies in the field of energy, analytics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, biotechnology, new materials, and protection of the environment and civilization heritage. It brings together the most talented young scientists and experienced academic staff.

Our mission is to support the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy and to strengthen the cooperation of the University of Warsaw with the business environment.

Facts and number:

  • 50 Laboratories and Research Groups
  • 130 Partners Institutions
  • 450 Scientists
  • 7 Accredited Laboratories
  • over 500 research equipment
  • 21 000 m2 of space
  • 146 research projects

Studied lakes

Three lakes were selected for the pilot study in Poland.

The reference lake, Krzywa Kuta, is located in the north-east of Poland in a remote and forested area. It is practically inaccessible to tourists, except for a small and intimate cottage on the shore, where only a few people can enjoy the charms of this wild lake.

Lake Jagodne is located on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail, a connecting route between other reservoirs between the Szymon and Kula canals. It is a lake designated for pilot studies.

Another lake intended for pilots is Łabap. Its shores are gentle and its depth gradually increases. There are no treacherous shoals or dangerous places for water movement, which makes the lake very attractive for tourists. In the area where the lake joins the Dobskie Lake there are two peninsulas. On the western side there is Krzywy Róg and on the eastern side there is Fuledzki Róg. There are also two islands – Ilma and Ilma Wielka.


There are 5 representatives from CNBCh UW involved in the project and 2 from the Faculty of Biology:


Professor Ewa Bulska
– manages CNBCh UW. She is responsible for its activities to the Rector. She cooperates with the authorities of the faculties of Biology and Chemistry of the University of Warsaw and the Scientific Council of the CNBCh UW. Professor Ewa Bulska is a supervisor of the LC project.


Eliza Kurek, phd
– Is a manger of the Research and Development office at CNBCh UW. She is responsible for the coordination of the development of the offer of CNBCh and project applications for funding research work from external sources.



Magdalena Michalska – Kacymirow, phd. – is a LC Project Manager. She is a Ph.D. scientist with expertise in analytical chemistry, environmental protection, and environmental pollution. She has experience working in international research environments and participating in several interdisciplinary projects. Her main responsibilities are project planning and management.


Marlena Tokarska
– is a financial manager. She deals with formal and financial aspects of the project. She has 8 years’ experience in scientific projects management. In LC project she is responsible for the budget control, preparation of the contracts, accounting, preparation of financial reports, applying for payments and control of current project documentation.


Edyta Woźniak-Dudzińska – is a communication manager in LC project. She is responsible for communication matters, posts publication on the website and in the social media. She is also responsible for organization matters during project events. She has a background in marketing and is responsible for communication issues at CNBCh UW. She organize international events and is also responsible for the promotion of the offer of the Faculty.


Ewa Babkiewicz
– PhD student at the Department of Hydrobiology at the UW, where she conducts research on the impact of microplastics on animals, actively participates in the project activities, contacts organizations interested in the results of the project, is the main performer of pilot studies on the Polish side, prepares speeches and popular science articles as part of the project activities, conducts educational classes in secondary schools   and cooperates with people involved in tourism at the University of Warsaw.


Kamil Dąbrowski – is a passionate about hydrobiology, a student at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw, a volunteer and worker in various scientific projects related to microplastics research. He has excellent organisational skills.