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TGT Creative Space in Pori's City Centre

18 April 2024
Technical details

Imagine turning your creative vision into reality right in the heart of the city center. An empty commercial space, full of light through window walls, by the main promenade of your city, and all free of charge. What would you do?

The local Liveability team in Pori has proudly launched a piloting space in cooperation with a local business owner, enabling free use of a currently empty commercial venue. Derived from the word “together”, TGT creative space invites people of Pori to fill it with short-term innovative ideas, be it exhibitions, projects, installations – anything they can imagine.

Petri Haavisto, implementer and artist, underscores TGT’s significance in enriching Pori’s city center, empowering its citizens, and fostering a sense of ownership. “TGT truly embodies the essence of Liveability for us: making our city centre more liveable, more people-driven, giving our people the opportunity to take ownership,” he explains.

Access to TGT comes at no cost, save for minor expenses like electricity usage. With the launch of TGT, the City of Pori wanted to inspire people in a new way to think of all possibilities the venue offers. Hence our video, maybe a future summer hit, is also taking a more creative approach to showcasing the venue, Haavisto teases.

For a glimpse into this exciting initiative and to ignite your creative spark, check out the introduction video here. (Video in Finnish.)