Liveability - Designing public services for resilient neighbourhoods

VASAB Experts Conference in Wismar | 1 June 2023

06 June 2023
The Experts Conference celebrated the completion of the VASAB Vision 2040. Experts in the field of spatial planning and regional development came together to discuss what the updated VASAB Vision means for the Baltic Sea Region and how to make it a reality. Among others, Andrea Cederquist, Heinrich-Böll Foundation (LP), presented the Liveability project.
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The Conference “Vibrant, Resilient, Well-connected – The Baltic Sea Region in 2040” took place backtoback with the adoption of the Vision 2040 by the Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development in the VASAB countries of the Baltic Sea Region on 2 June 2023. It complemented the Ministerial Conference by providing different practical and research perspectives and by highlighting what is needed for its implementation. Participants learnt more about projects and initiatives and had the opportunity to discuss, network and reflect on future initiatives.

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