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Insights from Kolding on the principles of the charter for designing the liveable city

08 July 2024
Watch the video and witness firsthand how urban spaces can be thoughtfully designed to benefit and empower the public.
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Urban designer and implementer Camilla Horsted delves into the principles of the Charter for designing the liveable city developed by the Liveability project as applied to the Latin Quarter, part of Liveability pilot project in Kolding. This insightful exploration highlights the Municipality’s vision of “Together we design live,” providing a glimpse into the collaborative and innovative approach driving urban development.

In this engaging video, Camilla Horsted guides us through the transformative journey of our partner city in Denmark, showcasing the pilot project’s  achievements. Through her expert perspective, viewers gain a deep understanding of how the principles of design for the public good are applied. She also sheds light on the dynamic process of co-design with citizens, illustrating how community involvement is pivotal to the success.

Learn more about the charter principle works in Kolding, including the enhancement of trust, the importance of transparency, effective communication, and robust collaboration.


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