Liveability - Designing public services for resilient neighbourhoods

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12 June 2024
Technical details

Designing Liveable Cities in the Baltic Sea Region

Time: 16:30-18:00, 30 October 2024
Venue: Levide


The Liveability project is organizing a seminar along with the UBC Planning Cities Commission and the VASAB Secretariat at EUSBSR Annual Forum 2024.

Policymakers and public administration officials from local, regional, national, and EU levels, along with representatives from civil society are invited to discuss the EUSBSR Action Plan. The focus will be on the implementation of the VASAB Vision 2040 in small and medium-sized cities in the BSR, as they seek solutions to enhance their liveability.

The seminar will showcase practical experiences from Riga and Gdynia, project partners of the Liveability project, demonstrating how the notion of liveability can be integrated both strategically and within specific neighbourhood projects.

Participants will reflect on current and future aspects that contribute to the liveability of cities and potential future actions in the VASAB Vision 2040 will be outlined.  Additionally, the seminar will explore public interest design to enhance liveability, introducing the ‘Charter for Designing the Liveable City’ and presenting the launch of the ‘liveable cities’ label and network – a joint endeavour of the Liveability project and the Union of Baltic Cities.

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