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Exciting progress with the Liveability project in Guldborgsund

24 May 2024
Innovative approaches to social services yield early success
Technical details

The “One Citizen – One Plan” use case project in Guldborgsund is already producing positive outcomes, despite being in its early stages. It aims to enhance social services by better utilizing employee professionalism and building citizen trust in the municipality.

A notable success story involves a young couple who initially met municipal support with mistrust and uncertainty. Through “One Citizen – One Plan,” they were assigned a coordinating contact person to ensure coherent support across various services. This approach also actively involves families in creating solutions to their challenges.

The impact has been significant for both the family and professionals. The health visitor and family counsellor now report a strong, trust-based collaboration, allowing them to address the couple’s specific needs as new parents. The parents feel more supported and involved in shaping their family’s future.

“We are pleased to see that the methods and principles of the Liveability project are making a difference,” says Gitte Søgren, who is the use case implementer in Guldborgsund Municipality. She is excited to keep working and can see from some of the other families in the project, that there will be a positive impact.


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