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Visit of the Lakes connect project team to the Copernicus Science Center

17 June 2024
On June 13th, we had the pleasure of visiting the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw (CSC), where we discussed fascinating possibilities of introducing practical knowledge about microplastics into the exhibitions at the CSC. Our meeting was full of inspiring conversations and creative ideas that will allow for educating visitors to the Center in an engaging and interactive way. During the meeting, we focused on several key issues:
Technical details


1. Integration of knowledge about microplastics into exhibitions

We discussed how best to convey information about microplastics to visitors – their origin, impact on the environment and human health, and ways in which each of us can contribute to reducing their amount in nature. We considered various forms of interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations that could attract the attention of both children and adults.

2. Training of the Copernicus Science Center staff

We considered how to effectively prepare the staff of the Copernicus Science Center to present topics related to microplastics. Special training sessions and workshops are planned to equip the staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct demonstrations and workshops for the public with enthusiasm and confidence.

3. Educational campaigns and cooperation

We also discussed the possibilities of long-term cooperation between the Lakes connect project and the Copernicus Science Center. Joint educational campaigns and activities can significantly increase public awareness of the microplastics problem and encourage eco-friendly actions in everyday life. We are optimistic about the future of our cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center. We believe that through our joint efforts, we will be able to create unique and valuable educational experiences that will help shape a more aware and engaged society.

We thank the Copernicus Science Center for their hospitality and look forward to implementing our joint plans!