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Meeting at the Ministry of Climate and Environment: Presenting Lakes Connect Recommendations

31 May 2024
On May 27th, we had the honor of participating in a meeting at the Ministry of Climate and Environment, our associated organization at the governmental level. During this fruitful gathering, representatives from the Environmental Department of the Nature Conservation Division, led by the Head of the Division, had the opportunity to listen to an inspiring presentation prepared by the Lakes connect team
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This presentation contained valuable recommendations developed during the implementation of our ambitious project. The meeting concluded with a brief yet highly valuable wrap-up discussion, where participants shared their observations. Concerns were raised regarding the current state of water bodies and the increasing concentration of microplastics, highlighting the urgency of our actions.

Simultaneously, voices of hope emerged, focusing on the education of youth – it is the younger generations who have the power to shape pro-environmental attitudes that will impact the future of our environment.

The conclusions and documents created within the project, which encapsulate our recommendations, will not merely remain on paper but will begin to exert a tangible influence on reality.


We look forward to the future with great enthusiasm, believing that our collective efforts will bring measurable benefits to the environment and society.