Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
Lakes connect

The last day of the Lakes connect project, but not the end of the story...

31 May 2024
Today, May 31, 2024, marks the formal conclusion of the implementation phase for the Interreg Lakes connect project and the realization of its substantive objectives. However, this milestone does not signify the end of our journey towards protecting the lakes in the Baltic Sea region...
Technical details


A continuous commitment

For the past 20 months, spanning October 2022 to May 2024, we have been working tirelessly to safeguard these precious water bodies. Although we have officially achieved the goals set forth by the Lakes connect project, our efforts do not cease here. The invaluable experience gained and the strong network of contacts established during this endeavor will propel us forward in our pursuit of sustainable development for lake areas.

Future initiatives and collaboration

We are already conceptualizing future projects that will further develop and broaden the scope of lake protection initiatives. By strengthening our collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to devise comprehensive solutions that will effectively shield these vital ecosystems from the adverse impacts of tourism and other potential threats.

Discover our inspiring journey

We encourage you to visit our website, where you can explore the rich history of our project, meet  our team, meet the remarkable results we have achieved, and our plans for the future. We are convinced that with the active involvement of all stakeholders, we can successfully preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of these lakes for generations to come.


Join us in this crucial mission, and together, we will continue to shape a sustainable future for the lakes in the Baltic Sea region.