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Sustainable tourism in Masuria: Balance between nature and community needs

30 January 2024
We invite you to reflect on sustainable tourism in an interview with Dr Marta Derek, conducted by Dr  Magdalena Michalska - Kacymirow and Dr Ewa Babkiewicz.
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Dr Derek from the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Warsaw highlights the key challenges for local communities and local government authorities related to managing the influx of tourists while protecting the environment of the Masurian Lake District.

The conversation shows the potential of cooperation between science, local governments and local entrepreneurs, as well as reflection on the role of social education in shaping sustainable tourism practices.

Dr Derek emphasizes that through education we can contribute to the protection of the natural heritage of the Masurian Lake District. What specific actions can be taken to raise public awareness of the impact of tourism on the environment?

We encourage you to read the interview, which is part of the Lakes Connect project. The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Lakes Connect project aims to build a network of contacts between various institutions, including scientific ones, in order to effectively solve problems related to lake water pollution, especially microplastics, especially in the context of tourist use of lakes.

The interview is in Polish, the English version will be available soon!

Together with partners from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, we strive to find solutions that minimize the impact of tourism on the purity of lakes.