Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
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05 December 2023
Has the first plastic bag decomposed? Is it possible that microplastic was found in an organism that lived 7 km deep in the ocean? How many liter of plastic bottles are needed for production of 1 T-shirt?
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Lakesconnect team asked these questions at the event for youth: “Discover, Know, Find Out” in Telsiai on the 29th November, 2023.

It was a great opportunity to communicate tourism impact into lakes pollution, microplastic pollution and responsible management of waste at our stand. With more interested we have discussed a few already available results of project Lakes connect: pollution of lakes Matis, Lukstas and Germantas, as well the surveys on interaction between scientists and local government representatives.

The advanced ones received promotional items of the project and were invited to follow its progress.