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Lakes connect

Successful conclusion of the Lakes connect project: Explore our published outputs and deliverables!

21 May 2024
As the Lakes connect project comes to a successful conclusion, we are proud to announce the release of all planned outputs and deliverables. The project's website has become a key channel for publishing a wide range of materials, including not only current events but also information about the achieved results.
Technical details

Available materials

We invite you to explore the fruits of our labor, which have been published in the Solutions, Outputs section on the Lakes connect website:

Among the materials made available, you will find:

Output 1.1: The model of transnational cooperation between local authorities to improve lakes protection.

Output 1.2: Transnational cooperation model for local authorities, science units and other organizations.

Deliverable 1.3: A public knowledge base for citizens on the impact of tourism on lakes.

Output 1.4: Green concepts for municipalities to prevent lake pollutions.

Deliverable 1.5: Training scheme for scientists and local authorities on the importance of mutual cooperation.


Benefits for users

The publication of outputs and deliverables on the Lakes connect website provides broad access to valuable resources for all interested parties. This allows you to easily familiarize yourself with the results of our work, gain new knowledge, and take advantage of practical tools and solutions. All materials are being continuously disseminated among our stakeholders from various countries.

We encourage you to visit the website and stay updated on the previous and latest developments. We are confident that the materials provided will prove useful and facilitate your efforts towards lake protection and sustainable water resource management.


We value your feedback

We are eager to hear which of the published materials and results from the Lakes connect project have been the most interesting and useful to you. Additionally, we would love to learn which of the proposed solutions and actions you plan to implement in your life.

Your opinions and observations are invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts and experiences with us😊.

Looking ahead

We believe that the publication of our materials and results will not only provide valuable knowledge but also inspire concrete steps toward sustainable water resource management in your regions. We are committed to fostering further collaboration and the exchange of experiences in implementing these solutions.


Thank you for your engagement and support throughout the Lakes connect project!