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Microplastics: The "small" problem - Join us for the TVN24 documentary

01 March 2024
We invite you to watch the reportage on the polish tv - TVN24 titled "A small problem," which will be broadcasted as part of Marty Warchoł's program "At the end of the world." The broadast is scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2024, after 6:00 PM.
Technical details


The program will address the current issue of microplastics, which infiltrate our bodies through various pathways.

In the program, you will be able to see excerpts from interviews with professor Ewa Bulska – Director of the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre and Magdalena Michalska-Kacymirow, Ph.D. – Interreg Lakes Connect Project Manager, regarding research conducted within the framework of the Interreg Lakes Connect project, focusing on microplastics.

Additionally, materials collected during the pilot studies of the Interreg Lakes Connect project will be presented,

Program Description:

Microplastics under the microscope resemble colorful elements of a kaleidoscope, but they can be fatally dangerous. What scientists know about plastic particles does not inspire optimism. Microplastics infiltrate our bodies through every possible route. We consume approximately 260 grams of it annually, which can be compared to the weight of a burger. – It’s a lot – says  Karol Mierzejewski, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Although we largely excrete it, its residues in the body can harm us. Dr Mierzejewski admits that the most alarming discovery was finding it in the placenta. – The particles are sticky and like to form aggregates. If they enter the brain, where there are very thin blood vessels, it leads to a stroke – says Professor Ewa Bulska, the director of the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre. Plastic particles can also affect the hormonal system, demographics, and diseases related to the nervous system. Memory problems have also been observed.

Where does microplastic occur the most? And how can we protect ourselves from it? A reportage by Marty Warchoł.”

Link to the program trailer: here