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Listen to the interview with Piotr Jachimowicz about the threat of microplastics in lakes

07 May 2024
We invite you to listen to the interview with Piotr Jachimowicz, who collaborates with the Lakes connect project. Piotr and the Lakes connect team co-organized several educational events for children and youth on the topic of lake pollution, with a particular focus on microplastics.
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The guest on Trójka radio station discusses scientific work that estimates that between 3 to 11 million metric tons (MMT) of plastic pollution have been accumulating on the ocean floor since 2020, as well as research conducted as part of the Lakes Connect project. Here are some key details from the interview:

💧 Every minute, enough plastic to fill one garbage truck enters the world’s waters. It is estimated that the use of plastics will double by 2040.

🔍 Microplastics are the result of the fragmentation and breakdown of plastic objects. These tiny particles permeate the soil, water, and are absorbed by plants and animals, ultimately reaching the human body.

🌍 Microplastics have been found in the most remote corners of the world – from the depths of the oceans to the peaks of the highest mountains. Unfortunately, Poland is no exception.

🌊 Even in the cleanest lakes in the Masurian region, an average of 1 microplastic particle per cubic meter of water has been detected. In water bodies with greater human activity, the concentration is 5-10 particles.                                                       





“Even the wildest regions of Poland are not free from microplastic pollution, including the seemingly purest, crystal-clear lakes.” – Piotr Jachimowicz





Listen to the full interview to learn more about the threats posed by microplastics in our lakes.

Link to the interview: Plastik zasypuje Ziemię, a mikroplastik jest już wszędzie. Naukowcy zbadali Mazury: jest źle (