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Lakes connect

Lakes connect showcased at ESAS 2024 Conference

01 July 2024
The Lakes connect project had the opportunity to present itself at the ESAS 2024 conference, which brought together approximately 150 participants from around the world, representing both the scientific community and the business sector. Although the conference's main focus differed from our primary area of activity, this event provided an excellent platform to promote to a broader community.
Technical details


During the the European Symposium on Analytical Spectrometry, we presented a poster highlighting the activities and key results of our project. This presentation format allowed us to engage in direct dialogue with participants, including scientists and company representatives interested in water environment protection.




Participating in ESAS 2024 not only enabled us to showcase the achievements of the Lakes connect project but also to establish new contacts and gain inspiration. The exchange of experiences with experts from various fields and countries may contribute to the further development of our initiatives and potential future collaborations.

In summary, the ESAS 2024 conference proved to be a valuable opportunity to increase the visibility of the Lakes connect project in the international scientific and business community, which may translate into new opportunities and perspectives for our lake protection efforts.

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