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Invitation to the meeting "Science meets Administration: Interreg Lakes Connect in search of common goals"

17 January 2024
With great pleasure, we invite you to participate in an inspiring meeting (in Polish language) titled 'Science meets Administration: Interreg Lakes Connect in search of common goals" which will take place on February 6th at the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Sciences Center (CNBCh UW) located at Żwirki i Wigury 101 in Poland, Warsaw.
Technical details

This exceptional event is organized as part of the Lakes Connect (LC) project, led by CNBCh UW, with project implementation carried out by the Research Group – Analytical Expertise Center – under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ewa Bulska.

About the Lakes Connect Project:

The project partners include renowned institutions from Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland. Together, we are seeking innovative solutions to minimize the impact of tourism on the cleanliness of lakes and developing inter-institutional approaches to mitigate the negative impact of tourism on water resources.

Programme and purpose of the meeting:

The meeting is aimed at scientists from various fields and representatives of public administration. It will focus on communication between these two groups of potential collaborators.

Key points of the meeting:

  1. Presentations on collaboration between science and administration, new projects, and the benefits of such collaboration, based on experiences from Lakes Connect (LC).
  2. Workshops titled “Together – How? UW Experiences in Collaboration with Local Governments and NGOs in Research Projects,” led by Dr. Anna Nicińska and Dr. Sylwia Dudek-Mańkowska, addressing effective communication between scientists and public administration.

During the meeting, we will not only present theoretical aspects of collaboration but also create an opportunity to discuss practical perspectives, exchange conclusions, and constructively build effective relationships between the scientific community and public administration.

Contact information and applications:

If you are interested in participating, please send your contact details (name, surname, institution, position) by January 26, 2024, to the email address:

For any questions, feel free to contact us at:

We warmly count on your participation in this meeting, which provides a unique opportunity for exchanging experiences and building lasting bridges between the world of science and public administration.