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Lakes Connect: Workshops on microplastic particles at the University of Warsaw Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy

13 March 2024
On the 20th of March, at the University of Warsaw Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy, as part of the educational program of the Interreg Lakes Connect project, workshops will be held for youth participating in the Erasmus program in Poland. The theme of the workshops will be "Microplastic particles - their nature, behaviour in the environment, and ways of avoidance". This is another in a series of educational events organized for youth as part of the Lakes Connect project.
Technical details

Workshop Objectives:

During the sessions, our scientists will:

  • Educate on ecology and the impact of plastic on the environment;
  • Showcase fascinating research on the world of microplastic particles;
  • Explore the differences between ordinary plastic items and microplastics, as well as their movements in the environment;
  • Demonstrate how in simple, daily activities, we can take care of our planet!

The University of Warsaw Hydrobiological Station

An additional attraction is the venue where the workshops will take place. The UW Hydrobiological Station is located in a over century-old building of an old primary school, which was rebuilt for the needs of the research station. In the station building, there are three laboratories offering analytical spaces for several people. In addition to modern research equipment, the laboratories contain antique equipment, such as laboratory scales.


Photo 1: The building of the Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy


The location, perfectly situated by the stunning Lake Roś, additionally encourages caring for our natural environment 🙂


Photo 2: Lake Roś


It looks very interesting, we can’t wait!