Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
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International Water Day: Lakes are the key to our future

26 March 2024
Lakes are the key to our future. Water is the foundation of our existence. Water is life. Without it, there would be no us, no plants, no animals. Water is everywhere – including: in rivers, streams, seas and of course in lakes. The latter, with their extraordinary beauty, attract us with their charm all year round. Everyone admires their beauty! But have you ever wondered how important it is for our future to keep our lakes clean?
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International Water Day

On March 22, we celebrated International Water Day. This is the day when we pay special attention to the importance of water for our planet. However, ensuring a sustainable future and protecting our water resources is an everyday task.

Why is it worth talking about lakes?

Lakes are treasures in the world of water bodies. They play a key role in the global water cycle. Education about the threats related to water shortage and water pollution is crucial. That’s why the Lakes Connect project was created!


Why is Lakes Connect so important?

The Lakes Connect project is our response to the challenges of lake protection. In cooperation with researchers from Latvia, Poland and Lithuania, we examine the water quality in our lakes. Our goal is to understand problems and develop solutions.


Cooperation – the foundation of our actions.

Lakes are real treasures among water bodies that play a key role in our planet’s water cycle. Together we have created a network hub that serves as a knowledge exchange platform. Here, experts and stakeholders meet to exchange ideas and develop solutions to reduce the impact of tourism on the quality of inland waters. Through a series of meetings and training sessions, we support a collaborative environment. Here, scientific knowledge is combined with practical challenges facing local communities.


Cooperation knows no limits.

Our strength lies in international cooperation. Thanks to it, we learn from each other, exchange experiences and introduce best practices. Our project is a symbol of unity and shared responsibility for our planet. That’s why it’s worth taking care of our lakes every day. Together we can influence the positive change that is necessary not only for our joy today, but also for future generations.