Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
Lakes connect

Communication of project #Lakesconnect to the audience from Turkey and teachers from Telsiai!

23 January 2024
Technical details

Exciting updates on project #Lakesconnect and the fantastic collaboration between our friends in Turkey and teachers from Telsiai!

The conversation has evolved into a rich exchange of knowledge and best practices, particularly centered around waste management in food production.

It was great to hear that both sides are actively engaged in sorting waste, and are conscientiously collecting plastic and used oil with utmost respect for nature.

The commitment to sustainable practices is truly commendable! The shared dedication to environmental responsibility is paving the way for a positive impact on our surroundings. It’s evident that good habits are at their strongest when instilled from the very beginning!

Let’s continue making strides in creating a better, greener future together.

Keep up the excellent work!