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Earth Day!

23 April 2024
In the pleasant atmosphere of a picnic, organized by the partner of the Interreg Lakes connect project - the Foundation for the Protection of the Great Masurian Lakes - we met to celebrate our planet and educate each other.
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Last Sunday, April 21, 2024, Bruno Saint-Hill in Giżycko became a place of extraordinary experiences and great fun as we celebrated Earth Day!

Project promotion

It was a great opportunity to promote the Lakes connect project, which aims to investigate the impact of tourism on the cleanliness of lakes. At the same time, the picnic also started the implementation of the “Water ecological network” project under the Interreg Lithuania-Poland Cooperation Program 2021-2027, co-financed by the European Union. The goal of this project closely matches the theme of the Lakes connect project, creating a coherent and integrated environmental protection strategy in the region.

Attractions at the event

There were many attractions! For the youngest, we have prepared games, competitions and workshops on microplastics to develop ecological habits from an early age. We emphasized that each of us, every day and in every place, has an impact on our planet, so when traveling, for example, we should remember to leave a clean trace.

Interest and engagement

Despite the capricious weather, our stand attracted the interest of people of all ages. We are glad that the participants showed commitment to education about our planet, especially in the field of conscious tourism.

It was an extraordinary day full of shared experiences, learning and joy. Thank you to everyone who joined our initiative! Your commitment made this day special!

Fostering collaboration for lake conservation

This was another example of great cooperation between the Lakes connect project team and the new project team that has just started. Connected by the passion for protecting our lakes, we are creating the future together in the spirit of the slogan Lakes connect connects“.



Photos: Foundation for the Protection of the Great Masurian Lakes