Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
Lakes connect

“Does tourism play a role in causing surface water pollution?”

06 April 2023
Technical details

On the 1st of March the Gulbene Municipality and Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology organized a webinar “Does tourism play a role in causing surface water pollution?”

Participants of the event were informed about the project “Lakes connect” and its goals, about the planned pilot studies during this project and the method how it is planned to release sample collection.

Participants were also informed that participation during pilots is opened to interested persons and received educational information about the occurrence and entry of microplastic pollution into waters.

Most of the participants of this event left their contacts for further communication and confirmed that they would like to receive further information about the activities and results of the project “Lakes connect”.

Publication with the webinar video can be found on the Gulbene Municipality website: and YouTube channel: