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Cooperation within the Lakes Connect project

21 December 2023
We are continuously developing the Lakes Connect project, aiming to connect diverse specialists, inspire collaboration, and actively track the latest trends. Our priority is to fully harness the project's potential and explore new avenues for collaboration.
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Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with Dr Marta Derek from the Department of Tourism and Recreation Geography at the University of Warsaw. Our discussions focused on sustainable tourism, a significant component of our project. Together, we explored trends in the tourism sector and the developments in the Mazurian Lake District. We were particularly interested in actions aimed at minimizing the negative impact of tourism on the environment.

As a result of our meeting, we will be publishing an interview with Dr Derek, detailing practical strategies for promoting sustainable tourism and its positive impact on the surrounding natural environment.

This will be a valuable piece, focusing on specific actions and practical steps that contribute to sustainable tourism development, aligning with the goals of the Interreg Lakes Connect project.