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Collaborative efforts in protecting our lakes: Unveiling findings and recommendations for a sustainable future

12 March 2024
Last year, around the Lakes Mastis, Lūkstas, and Germantas, keen observers might have spotted scientists adorned in vibrant orange vests, diligently conducting research.
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These researchers, part of the project Interreg Baltic Sea Region Lakes Connect, comprising teams from Latvia, Poland, and Lithuania, embarked on a mission to investigate microplastics pollution within these lakes. Following exhaustive hours of analysis, the results are finally in!

On March 6, 2024, the partner of the Lakes connect – Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts – proudly unveiled the findings, analyses, and recommendations aimed at enhancing the water quality of Telšiai region’s lakes.

During the meeting with representatives of Telsiai administration,  environmental expert and Lakes connect project’s partners, the results have been presented.

What made this presentation particularly significant was the active engagement of both the Mayor’s team and environmental experts. They not only absorbed the insights presented by the scientists with keen attention but also engaged in vibrant discussions regarding potential strategies to not only mitigate existing pollution but also prevent its recurrence. Through collaboration and shared dedication, these efforts signify a promising step forward in safeguarding our precious natural resources.

We extend our gratitude to all involved parties for their commitment to environmental stewardship and look forward to implementing these recommendations for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.