Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions
Lakes connect

15 months full of discoveries and activities to improve the purity of lakes!

19 February 2024
Technical details

The Interreg Lakes Connect project went through 3 intensive stages of pilot research, organizing at least 10 online meetings for partners and participating in at least 5 scientific conferences, publishing at least 3 scientific or popular science articles. We organized 3 educational workshop for children.

We tested over 63 samples collected in the field, including surface water samples containing fragments of microplastics from lakes in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania!

BUT WHAT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to us is that we spent great time with even greater people, exploring new experiences and gaining new ideas for research.

It was an amazing time spent with the Lakes Connect project partners!

We invite you to watch the photo report from the project!


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