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KISMET Kick-Off in Södertälje - Public Sector driving demand for sustainably and locally produced food

07 February 2024
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On Wednesday, January 31st, Södertälje municipality, a partner in Interreg Baltic project KISMET, launched a local innovation partnership (LIP) in Sweden. The event, co-arranged with Matlust Living Lab entitled  “Sustainable food production and a robust society” was held during Science Week at Södertälje Science Park and aimed to explore the role of public meals as drivers of sustainable and crisis-resilient food systems.

The half-day event commenced with a lunch focused on crisis preparedness, utilizing locally sourced ingredients and products. This was followed by a panel discussion featuring representatives from the Swedish Food Agency, Region Stockholm, and key industry stakeholders. Discussions centered around the prerequisites for resilience, crisis preparedness, and the promotion of local food production and procurement.

A noteworthy aspect of the event was Consupedia‘s analysis of a week’s menu from Södertälje’s school canteens according to Diet for a Green Planet principles, comparing it to a conventional meal menu. The analysis revealed that Södertälje’s menu demonstrated slightly superior sustainability across various parameters .

In line with Södertälje’s commitment to sustainability, the municipality is piloting the KISMET concept of “Environmental labels: show the real emissions of food products” with Consupedia tasked to deliver a comprehensive report on a year’s worth of food purchases. This initiative aims to enhance procurement practices and facilitate effective communication regarding sustainable food choices (see “How sustainable are Södertälje municipality’s food purchases”).

The event concluded with a workshop titled “Cooperation to Facilitate the Purchase, Storage, and Delivery of Locally Produced Food to the Public Sector.” Attended by 45 participants from diverse backgrounds, the workshop sought to identify obstacles, opportunities, and solutions for integrating locally produced food into public meals. The results of the workshop will be integrated into Södertälje municipality’s ongoing work in KISMET with the development of a “Guide to procurement of locally produced food”.

Looking ahead, Södertälje remains dedicated to overcoming challenges and spearheading sustainable food initiatives. Through persistent efforts and collaboration, the municipality aims to drive meaningful progress towards a greener and more resilient community.


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