Baltic Museum Resilience: Resilient museums and memory institutions for resilient societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Consultations with stakeholders in Sweden

28 November 2023
Further discussions with stakeholders by the Museum of Västervik.
Technical details


Through the questionnaire the first picture of what happened during the pandemic was obtained, but the result was tied to each respondent. Through the workshop arranged in April, Museum of Västervik started to get a broader picture and the participants compared their experiences and discussed solutions from other countries.

Therefore, during the summer museum of Västervik conducted interviews, both with the participants from the workshop but also with other organisations. That made it possible to go deeper into analysing which solutions used during the pandemic that worked/did not work, what could have been done differently and how they plan to increase their resilience in the future.

The aim of the interviews were to provide more and deeper information and analyses about the best practices. The  information will be a part of the project toolbox.

Organisations that have been involved in interviews, discussions, reading reports and from whom information has been received include:

  • Ölands Hembygdsförbund
  • Psykiatriska Museet
  • Livrustkammaren
  • Östergötlands museum
  • Sjöfararkusten
  • Båt- & Maskinmuseum
  • Kulturparken Småland
  • Ölands Museum Himmelsberga
  • Sveriges Museer
  • Sveriges Hembygdsförbund
  • Riksantikvarieämbetet
  • Kulturrådet
  • Tillväxtverket
  • Riksarkivet
  • Länsarkivet Kalmar län