Developing a transnational network of hydrogen refuelling stations for trucks

Planning and Operating HRS - Best Practices from Northwestern Baltic Sea Region

13 February 2024
Peter Roessner, CEO, APEX Group, presented experiences with investing into Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns' first HRS for heavy duty vehicles in Rostock-Laage. Maike Friedenberg, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Areas, European Affairs and Consumer Protection Schleswig-Holstein presented the CEF-project Greater4H, investing into 12 HRS in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.
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Bojan Petrov, COO and Gunnar Krueger, CBDO,  H2APEX

The APEX Group is a pioneer in the green energy transition. APEX develops solutions for a CO2-neutral energy supply on an industrial scale. The business model is based on project and storage business. APEX acts as an EPC partner for our customers – from approval and implementation planning to plant and installation planning and the commissioning of turnkey H2 projects. In addition, APEX has its own H2 production and operates an own H2 power plant with an attached H2 filling station and an H2 trailer filling station to supply companies regionally with hydrogen.

APEX developed and operates the first Hydrogen Refueling Station for heavy trucks in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Rostock)

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Maike Friedenberg, Lead Partner GREATER4H, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Areas, European Affairs and Consumer Protection Schleswig-Holstein

The GREATER4H project will develop a hydrogen corridor by deploying 14 hydrogen refueling stations in the STRING Megaregion from Hamburg to Oslo. GREATER4H is a public-private partnership between local and regional governments and three private hydrogen companies; Everfuel, Hynion, and GP Joule. The three companies will be implementing 4 HRS in Germany, 4 HRS in Denmark and 4 HRS in Sweden. The  stations will be placed in locations that secure a maximum distance of 150 km between stations on average. The stations will be 24/7 accessible with 350 and 700 bar dispensers open to the public.

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