Developing a transnational network of hydrogen refuelling stations for trucks

HRS development in Poland and Norway

11 October 2023
During the second HyTruck breakfast briefing, Wojciech Lach, manager at ORLEN S.A. presented on HRS development in Poland. Lotta Möllerfalk, Eastern Norway County Network presented the project Energy Stations for Green Commercial Transport currently implemented in Greater Oslo Region.
Technical details


Wojciech introduced the rapid expansion of ORLEN as energy company in Poland and several European countries, focusing on hydrogen & e-fuels and targeting decarbonization of industry, energy, refining and mobility. Wojciech highlighted the ambitious goal of achieving 130 kt/year of low/zero carbon hydrogen production by 2030, as well as the construction of more than 100 HRS in Poland and Central Europe. He also presented the currently approved HRS projects in Poland, 11 by 2025 and 57 by 2030, and discussed relevant aspects of HRS systems like size & capacity, typology, pressure levels, etc.

Lotta highlighted the importance of developing infrastructure for fossil-free heavy-duty vehicles within a tech-neutral projects and combining a multi-fuel approach. She also presented a specifically developed map-tool application for finding the most appropriate locations as well as balancing priorities of different stakeholders: users & landowners, operators & service providers, public authorities, etc. During the discussion, similarities were acknowledged between the presented map-tool and the HyTruck spatial-planning toolkit, in their application for analysis and decision making.