Developing a transnational network of hydrogen refuelling stations for trucks

HyTruck meets Poland

11 October 2023
Experts from the HyTruck project partnership discussed with Polish Experts the perspectives of the development of hydrogen refuelling-stations at the New Mobility Congress 2023 in Łódź.
Technical details

On 28 September 2023, HyTruck project partner PSPA organised two panel sessions, moderated by Krzysztof Dresler, Chairman of the Hydrogen Technologies Committee at PSPA, dedicated to the transnational expert exchange on HRS development.

The first panel „Before deploying HRS-energy storage and green hydrogen in the context of the amended Energy Law”, focused on framework conditions needed to deploy an HRS network, providing green hydrogen to customers.

The second panel “How to develop HRS for long – haul freight fleet” took a stronger focus on Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and the prerequisites to their deployment, involving altogether eight panelists from HRS developers and operators, truck manufacturers as well as technology providers.

During the panel discussions it became evident, industry will become a key consumer of green hydrogen imports from outside the EU will be needed to meet the demand. Large scale development projects like the NEOM Green Hydrogen Complex in Saudi Arabia are already under way and expected to be operational within 2-3 years.

It was also highlighted, that capacities of EU member states to produce green hydrogen differ widely and need to be taken into account in the context of harmonizing decarbonisation objectives.

It was stressed, that sector-coupling that sector-coupling is a strong asset of the hydrogen economy and that this will benefit all, decarbonisation in the industry, energy and transport sector in the end.

Although panellists agreed, that green hydrogen will be supplied to industry first, they underlined that the set-up of an HRS network across Europe would be needed in parallel to support the transition to zero emission especially in long-haul heavy duty transport, public transport as well as rail transport on non-electrified tracks. Plans to set-up more than 50 HRS in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia presented by ORLEN confirmed the dynamics to be expected.

A crucial issue would be the economies of scale. To achieve a similar total cost of operation (TCO) compared to alternative propulsion technologies would be challenging at least during the first years. Therefore, grant measures to reduce the risk of initial investments into HRS infrastructure and fuel cell vehicles as well as to support research cutting the cost of hydrogen production and supply will be required.

A crucial issue mentioned in addition would be to improve the safety of hydrogen ecosystems and to define technical standards to be applied, simplifying and shortening thus approval procedures and increasing available knowledge at public authorities involved.

In the panel discussion “Before deploying HRS-energy storage and green hydrogen in the context of the amended Energy Law” participated:

  • Martin Rothbart, Senior Product Manager Energy & Sustainability, AVL List
  • Anne Wasike- Schalling, Researcher and Project Lead in the team „Mobility with renewable Energies“, Reiner Lemoine Institut
  • Szymon Płoński, Director of the Energy Transition Office, Industrial Development Agency
  • Adam Wachowski, R&D Department Director, Energy Market Observer (ENMARO)
  • Maciej Dzikowski, Director of New Technologies Development, Air Products
  • Dominika Niewierska, Director of the Department of Coordination and Settlement of Hydrogen Projects, ORLEN SA
  • Jacek Nowakowski, Alternative Propulsion Business Development Manager Poland & Ukraine, IVECO Poland
  • Dr Tomasz Bednarek, Association of Lower Silesian Hydrogen Valley

In the panel discussion “How to develop HRS for long – haul freight fleet” participated:

  • Rafał Koziński, Team Leader – Fuel Cell, AVL Software and Functions
  • Danuta Zoń, New Technology Market Development Manager, Air Products
  • Wojciech Lach, Head of the Hydrogen Project Coordination Team, ORLEN SA
  • Dawid Adamowski, New Energies Director, TSG Polska
  • Paweł Piotrowicz, Expert on the energy market and hydrogen technologies, TÜV SÜD
  • Mateusz Sobczak, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Volvo Trucks
  • Jacek Nowakowski, Alternative Propulsion Business Development Manager Poland & Ukraine, IVECO Poland
  • Paweł Brusiło, Wrocław University of Economics