Tackling agricultural phosphorus load by soil amendments

International gypsum project kicked-off from Finnish fields

12 March 2024
The kick-off meeting of the GYPREG project took place in Helsinki, November 2023, including a visit to the South-Western Finland.
Technical details


Tackling agricultural phosphorus load by soil amendments, GYPREG project, is led by Finnish Environment Institute (Syke). The project invites farmers and authorities to discuss how to adapt the gypsum method to local conditions in partner countries: Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and in Finland (Åland). In Finland, gypsum is already used by 2,000 farmers on their fields.Participants at the GYPREG kick-off neeting in November in Helsinki.

Close collaboration with local stakeholders is perquisite to create nationally and locally adapted gypsum method in each partner country. The objective is approached through lab and field experiments and gathering information from stakeholders through surveys.

The kick-off meeting took place on 8–10 November 2023, in Helsinki. In addition to discussing the project’s objectives, roles, and responsibilities, the meeting covered existing knowledge of the gypsum method. Cost-efficiency and benefit studies of gypsum and structure lime in agriculture were also addressed.

Hands-on experiment in Lieto

Twenty experts in environmental and agricultural sectors from partner countries, along with participants from Norway and Denmark, visited Lieto, a municipality in South-Western Finland. They were introduced to the gypsum method using “bucket-scale” demonstrations. Various aspects of the method, including challenges and implementation strategies, were also discussed. Experts from the Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) guided the demonstrations. Additionally, two Finnish farmers shared their experiments about the gypsum method.

Bucket-size demonstrations of the effects of gypsum method.

Ready to tackle the challenge

The kick-off provided an excellent opportunity for partners to meet, engage in discussions, and prepare the “GYPREG’s crew” to start tackling phosphorus load from agricultural fields. Even the kick-off took place during the short and gloomy Finnish winter days, the crew was not discouraged, they were ready to take on the challenge!

The event gained more visibility when the media took notice, interviewing the people involved, and publishing articles about the project in local newspapers.

Photos: Ljudmila Vesikko