Tackling agricultural phosphorus load by soil amendments

Local Company to Supply Gypsum for Latvian Experiments

09 April 2024
Latvian GYPREG partners visited a local company that will supply the necessary gypsum for experiments in Latvia. This partnership signals a collaborative effort to address environmental concerns and improve agricultural practices.
Technical details

Latvian GYPREG partners visiting the gypsum company

Advancing Gypsum Experiments in Latvia

In February, as part of the GYPREG project, Latvian partners – Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Farmers Parliament – convened at a gypsum factory operated by a local company in Latvia. Discussions centered around the potential application of gypsum to mitigate phosphorus loads from agriculture. The company, known as Ltd “Knauf,” has agreed to collaborate on the GYPREG project, providing the necessary material for Latvian experiments. This Gypsum samplepartnership signals a significant effort to understand the efficacy of gypsum amendments in Latvian agricultural practices.

Lab experiments to field application

We embark on laboratory experiments this year to gauge gypsum’s impact on Latvia’s agricultural soils. The insights gained from these experiments will pave the way for practical implementation in 2025, wherein collaboration with selected farmers gypsum will be applied  on  their farmlands.


Photos: Inga Retike