Tackling agricultural phosphorus load by soil amendments

Information of soil amendments to Polish farmers

16 April 2024
Experts were informing Polish farmers about effects of the gypsum and liming on the soil. Farmers’ willingness to consider use of gypsum on their farms were also assessed by survey.
Technical details

In 22 November 2023, the Krakow branch of the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences – National Research Institute organized a conference at the Agricultural Advisory Center in Karniowice. The conference was titled ‘Sustainable Agriculture – Protecting Water, Soil, and Air’ (in Polish, ‘Zrównoważone rolnictwo – ochrona wody, gleby i powietrza’.

Presentations of the effects of gypsum and liming on fields

Experts from the Agricultural Advisory Center delivered two presentations, the one was addressing necessity and importance of liming in Polish agriculture. The other one was addressing the benefits of using gypsum in agriculture, as well as the soil processes involving calcium and sulphate ions. Additionally, posters were displayed containing information about soil structure and how to reduce nutrient leaching from fields. Attendees also received a fact sheet on the subject.

Farmers’ attitudes investigated through a survey

During the conference, participants, Polish farmers and agricultural advisors, were surveyed to assess their attitudes toward the use of gypsum on fields. A total of 79 respondents participated in the survey, including 26 who are farming their own lands.

According to the survey results, 60% of farmers were familiar with liming. However, only 30% had heard about the benefits of gypsum, and a mere 10% had prior experience with gypsum application. Nearly 40% of respondents expressed openness to considering gypsum use on their farms.

Photos:  Ewa Dudek, Patrycja Augustyn-Chochorowska