Co-elaboration of a transnational certification standard and of a tool-box to promote energy transition in green industrial areas

Pilot phase kick-off meeting in Latvia (Kaigu bog)

02 April 2024
On March 26th, 2024, a local stakeholder meeting took place in Latvia. The Kaigu Bog industrial area, owned by 'Laflora' Ltd., was introduced as the project's pilot area.
Technical details

Participants of the meeting discussed the project’s certification criteria and its implementation in the Kaigu industrial area, as well as the alignment of the general criteria with the situation in Latvia, like on going normatives. Among the participants were experts in certification, renewable energy and environment as well as both project partners from Latvia.

Experts of certification suggested evaluation of requirements, which would go hand in hand with existing certification standards, such as ISO (14001, 14046, 50001), GHG Protocol, Fit For 55 and EU ETS system, as well as the Taxonomy criteria, which are the system by which funding and insurance institutions will assess the allocation of funding to specific sectors. Linking them to the project’s certification criteria would give companies an additional incentive to carry out certification in green industrial zones.

In discussions there were stressed out the fact, that the situation at country national level and national regulation differ, as well as the implementation process of certification, and it would be more suitable that requirement process would be in stages, in order to allow more inertia and opportunities for new industrial parks still in their construction phase, plan their development, according to the project’s certification criteria.

Additionally, there was a discussion on the potential management system in the Kaigu industrial area and the identification of additional key players for the project. The next meeting about the project’s certification criteria and its implementation in the Kaigu industrial area will be held in the second week of April, after Laflora Ltd will receive binding offers from investors, at that point there will also be news about the timeline for the ready to build phase.