Exploring full cycle circular economy for glass fiber industry

Join the GlassCircle survey: Shaping the future of glass fibers

20 March 2024
You are invited to a brief survey on glass fibers. Share your insights and receive valuable information about industry challenges. Your participation is a step towards innovation and sustainability.
Technical details

The Valmiera region municipality of Latvia warmly invites you to participate in a pivotal survey designed to gather insights into the glass fiber industry. This survey is one of component of the “Research of the Full-Cycle Circular Economy in the Glass Fiber Industry” project, a collaborative project with esteemed partners from Denmark’s Aarhus University, Sweden’s Lulea University of Technology, Podcomp, Hitachi, and Latvia’s Riga Technical University.

Why your voice matters Your insights and opinions are crucial to us. This survey serves a dual purpose: it allows us to understand your thoughts on glass fibers, their production process, and the handling of production residues. Simultaneously, it acts as a platform to additionally inform the public about the industry’s challenges. By participating, you’re not just sharing your perspective; you’re also receiving valuable information that shapes our collective knowledge of the glass fiber industry.

Anonymity and privacy We guarantee complete anonymity, ensuring that your personal views remain confidential while contributing to a collective wisdom. The information provided will be used exclusively in an aggregated format to shape the project’s outcomes.

Impact and contribution Your input is instrumental in promoting sustainable practices within the glass fiber industry. Moreover, it aids in the development of a comprehensive database for the GlassCircle project, which seeks to investigate the full-cycle circular economy of this sector.

How to participate Allocating just 15 minutes of your time to complete this survey can significantly impact our journey towards a sustainable future. To participate, please click on GlassCircle Survey.

Together, let’s pave the way for innovation and sustainability in the glass fiber industry.