Exploring full cycle circular economy for glass fiber industry

Join growing community of glass fiber ecosystem within Nordic-Baltic countries

07 January 2024
A significant amount of residue material is generated during glass fiber manufacturing, as well as in many composite manufacturing processes. Currently, a large amount of this residue glass fiber product is buried in a landfill. GlassCircle project idea is to change this habit and to organize glass fiber residue flow to other consumers instead of landfills.
Technical details

A digital survey as an entry point has been created at https://forms.office.com/e/Q6rxpnU89M, and we invite you to spend a couple of minutes filling it out. The survey is intended for companies – manufacturers, users, re-users, recyclers, etc. of glass fiber. Data collected by the survey will be used to create the digital Atlas tool for mapping the Glass Fiber Circular Economy Ecosystem in Nordic/Baltic Countries and identifying successful green business cases as light-houses of circular economy among different ecosystems as well as bottlenecks in horizontal and vertical applications. Map key players for Glass Fiber within the glass fiber life cycle within the Baltic Sea region and create a value circular network mapping to foster best practices and connections between glass fiber residue donors with possible receptors for boosting circular use of fiberglass.