Eliminating Micro-Pollutants from Effluents for REuse STrategies

PFAS Roadshow around the Baltic Sea

08 December 2023
PFAS Roadshow visited Vilnius on 18-20 October 2023, and EMPEREST project was on board!
Technical details

Connecting stakeholders, raising competences, and initiating discussion on local and national actions towards improved resilience to PFAS “forever chemicals” in Lithuania was at the focus of the second PFAS Roadshow in Vilnius hosted by the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania and co-organised by the ZeroPFAS II & EMPEREST projects.

PFAS in the environment-human continuum: from global risk to local management

The two-day event attracted almost 50 participants – main Lithuanian experts and stakeholders interested in PFAS, representing both governance and scientific community (a.o. Ministry of Environment, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Health), agencies working with environmental protection and monitoring as well as universities and research institutions. During the first day, participants discussed issues related to the overall PFAS management and contamination in the environment, PFAS regulations and existing data in Lithuania as well as PFAS risk management strategies. In addition to national perspective, invited international experts shared their knowledge and best practices on how PFAS work is organised in other countries around the BSR e.g. in Sweden and what are the benefits of more coordinated national approach to tackle PFAS pollution and stronger authority cooperation.

The EMPEREST project contributed to the agenda with three important topics: PFAS risk assessment methodology for local authorities, pilot-scale micropollutant treatment technology for wastewater treatment operators, and environmental monitoring of PFAS and other emerging organic micropollutants. In addition to the experience transfer and knowledge sharing through expert presentations on critical aspects of PFAS pollution and management, the event created a platform for increased collaboration between local and international stakeholders. Active discussions during and after the event have led to the important question of creating a Lithuanian national PFAS network (or working group) and PFAS Strategy, similar to examples from other countries e.g. Sweden. The event emphasized the importance of more coordinated approach to PFAS management in Lithuania.

Along with strategic discussions and scientific exchange, this event was an excellent opportunity for collaboration between EU funded projects EMPEREST, ZeroPFAS II and ZeroPM, bringing first results of these projects to the external audience and collecting feedback on the solutions created.

After two successful Roadshows in Stockholm and Vilnius, it is with great enthusiasm we look forward to further cooperation during our next stop at Estonia Roadshow in 2024! We are happy to announce that the first EMPEREST project workshop will take place in Tartu on 12-14 February 2024!


Written by: Agnieszka Ilola, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission