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Project Meeting and Easy Energy Solutions Tour in Denmark - May 2024

23 May 2024
Technical details

Our Project Consortium meeting took place in the Vesthimmerland municipality.

Apart from standard admin elements, we also ran a dissemination and best practice collection workshop which allowed for transnational exchange.

Group Work

Our hosts (Vesthimmerlands Kommune) organized a best practice exchange trip which allowed us to visit 🏫two schools (various energy saving solutions were presented and explained) and a dedicated 🌍refugee center (behavioral easy energy solutions are in focus here ensuring more resources can directly support those in need).

Here is the tour overview.

Toppedal School:

We start at one of our schools, Toppedal School.

With buildings from the 1900s – hall with new exchanger and several temperature monitoring devices,  post-insulation of existing roof structure, brand new CLT building.

Easy Energy Group at the Toppedal School.

Løgstør school:

Roof structure renovated in 2020, New lighting, ECL fittings (new programming which switches to electric heated water in the summer), HVLS fan in Mediatek.


Asylum center Ranum:

Easy Energy case. Rented buildings where we work with easy energy solutions and the behavior of the asylum center’s residents.

Easy Energy Group at the Asylum Center