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Easy Energy meets municipalities in Southern Poland

13 June 2024
Technical details

In June 2024, Stowarszyenie Otulina Podkrakowska organised two Easy Energy meetings with a number of municipalities.


Meeting in Skała.

Participants: 14 representatives from Krzeszowice, Skała, Słomniki municipalities.


Meeting in Iwanowice.

Participants: 9 representatives from Koniusza, Kłaj, Sułoszowa, Iwanowice municipalities.

Simple, low-cost solutions to increase energy efficiency were presented during the meetings.  There was also an opportunity to exchange opinions on already implemented measures in the field of thermal insulation of buildings, water consumption and electricity.

Solution collection surveys were filled out during the workshop. In the near future, solutions proposed by representatives of all municipalities associated in the Podkrakowska Otulina Association will be collected and collected solutions will be submitted for analysis within the solution collection process.