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Are home page video clips polluting?

10 April 2024
An article about how through behavioural change (in the realm of information technology usage), we can save energy.
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Extert from article below, please find link to English version at the bottom of this page.

“It was already in 2018, when the world was worried about the environmental effects of the ever-increasing consumption of videos. In 2019, a British research group published its own study on the subject (Streaming, Multi-Screens and YouTube: The New (Unsustainable) Ways of Watching in the Home). In that study, for example, it was estimated that in 2030 the share of the use of the internet and online services in all electricity demand would exceed a fifth (21%) and in 2040 half of the greenhouse emissions would be due to the use of the internet. In addition, video streaming, i.e. viewing, is estimated to make up around 50% of data traffic. The live image’s share of energy consumption is in the same category as its components. When the study was published in 2019, Mike Hazas, a member of the research team, told Yle that watching a two-hour Netflix movie at HD level on one device required a total of 1.13 kWh of energy.”