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Year 2023 of DistanceLAB in brief

15 December 2023
During the first year of the project we have learned to know each other, met so many new professionals, made new partnerships, got so many ideas. This has been an inspiring year and we can't wait to see what will happen while starting to implement our plans for 2024!
Technical details

During our first year of activities we have regularly had consortium meetings and target group meetings. We have also started an AI-group. Almost 100 target group organisations have been contacted.

All partners have been actively preparing and participating on pilot preparations. The pilots are presented on this site. Each group of activities (=pilot service topic) produced a deliverable that includes the process of developing the tool, the best practices that stood out in the developing process, a pilot plan, aims, objectives and initial materials. All deliverables will also be published in the project website.

During 2023 we gave a speech and participated in organising a webinar “Increasing Cybersecurity and empowerment in the digital environment in Europe”. Also DistanceLAB project manager gave a speech in the European Week of Regions and Cities –event in Brussels.

In November we organised a webinar for whole target group in all countries, and it was continued with local live/online discussions after the speakers. This concept will be repeated later on during the project. Also we have organised meetings for associated partners in all countries.

There is about to be a partner change in Sweden from Skellefteå Science City to IUC Norr. Our hub & living lab –activities are starting from 2024. Testing of all pilots is starting soon (full-scale in 3 countries, small scale in 1-2). There are different types of pilots: workshops, online testing, 1on1 tests.