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12 April 2024
The Remote Learning opportunities and Skills Fulfilment pilots’ essence is to provide micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with opportunities to enhance their digital skills and capabilities.
Technical details

The pilot lead by University of Latvia emphasizes the importance of digital skills for staying competitive in the market and leveraging digital tools and technologies to improve their operations, as well as individuals aiming for personal development in the area of digital tools.

The pilot materials were presented and explained to the target group briefly during the Test&Talk session. After the presentation, there were no questions, however, a small survey was conducted to get feedback on the pilot and its materials. The results showed that on a scale from 1 to 10 the pilots’ usefulness was found to be on average is 6.6, and that the most useful tool presented was MS Copilot 365 followed by Coursera, Elements of AI and MS Learn platform.

This pilot is beneficial for increasing awareness for SMEs, micro-enterprises, and startups in knowing what kind of digital learning opportunities and business support programs might be available and useful for organizations. In the further development of this pilot, digitalizing it would make it easier and quicker to access the necessary information about business support programs or online learning opportunities.

The work in the DistanceLab project involves collaborating with project partners in online meetings and work sessions, researching and analysing topics relevant to us, combining information and making coherent solutions, and interviewing target group members and industry experts for a better understanding of the needs and wants of the pilots.

– It has been an interesting journey to develop initial materials for our pilots and see other project partner pilots in their initial design. Now the task is to finetune them based on the feedback of target group members and make it a digital and complete product or service to offer SMEs and entrepreneurs, says the project staff from University of Latvia.

All the tools and services combined will give great value to SMEs, micro-enterprises and Startups. Welcome to find out more by contacting: dviitolss@gmail.com or clicking the link below.