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How are you remote soft interaction skills?

12 April 2024
How good are your soft interaction skills at the individual level or your views to the co-creation capabilities at the organizational level?
Technical details

“Everyone should have the opportunity to develop those (interaction) skills. But even more important is that the culture is built so that people have motivation. To develop those skills. And practice them. And to have feedback.”

(CEO in a company in the management consulting industry)

This quote describes the essence of the DIS assessment and development pilot lead by LAB University of Applied Sciences. We encourage SMEs and organizations to pay attention to the remote co-creation and communication culture that they foster. The assessment tool is a way to evaluate experiences how co-creation and communication culture are fostered in an organization. We also provide interactive and action-based experiments for SMEs and organizations.

The tool has already been tested with some users, and they felt the tool demonstrates considerable promise and is interesting. However, to fully unlock its potential, ongoing development is imperative. We want to improve the user experience before scaling the pilot. The tool is for reflection. At the end of the year, the tool can be used very differently – the main thing is that professionals could use it for developing remote soft interaction skills.

For more information about the tool, contact: heidi.myyrylainen@lab.fi or click on the link below.