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Free cybersecurity tools available

23 January 2024
Remote workers can use scanning to identify vulnerabilities in their home network. Scanning can be used as part of cybersecurity measures to ensure that home networks are protected, and potential threats are detected and addressed promptly. 
Technical details

Nessus Essentials is one of the free cybersecurity tools available that can help enhance online security. It provides the ability to conduct security scans on a computer or network. Nessus Essentials offers reports on detected vulnerabilities and suggests actions to fix them. Tools such as these are an excellent way to identify and address security issues without requiring in-depth technical expertise.  

See the introduction video on how to use Nessus Essentials HERE 

By scanning devices and the network, potential vulnerabilities and security gaps can be identified. This helps prevent possible attacks and safeguards information. Through scanning, a remote worker can check which devices are connected to their home network. It´s important that all devices are known and secure. Using up-to-date software is crucial for maintaining security, and scanning can reveal if devices have outdated software.   

The frequency of using a scanner depends on various factors, including the specific security requirements of the individual or organization, the nature of the devices and networks involved, and the level of potential risks.