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A dive into Open innovations

12 April 2024
One of DistanceLAB partner organisations Business Lab – IUC Norr from Skellefteå, Sweden, has been developing a tool for working and innovating remotely.
Technical details

The project is helping companies to reach out and open up. The essence of this pilot is open innovation: looking for answers to your questions outside of your immediate organization. The pilot facilitates remote collaboration with others on a specific subject.

The target group has given many positive comments. The lesson from the feedback has been that they do need support in structuring remote workshops, also setting up these kinds of workshops today takes an unnecessary amount of time for the target group.

During preparation of our pilot, we learned that it is important to ensure that everyone understands the digital platform you will be using for your workshop. That is a prerequisite for everyone’s participation and for a successful workshop. Sounds very simple but this is a step that is often forgotten, remarks project leader Emina Kovacevic from IUC Norr.

The tool is adaptable and can be used in any field of business, latest in a webinar and workshop about renewable energy possibilities for local companies. For more information, contact Emina: emina.kovacevic@iucnorr.se or click on the link below.