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A tool for landing site planning: first look

26 January 2024
Technical details

Urban air mobility vehicles are expected to appear in the mobility systems of European municipalities over the coming years, and thus require responsible deployment. The importance of developing a decision-selection tool (DST) is emphasised by the constraints of urban land use, drone technology, anticipated impacts, and the current void in rules and roles for drone-related decision-making within municipalities.

‘Geospatial tool for landing site planning and prioritisation’ presents a first version of the GIS landing site planning and selection tool usable in all cities. It contains the analysis, the framework, and the technical setup for the tool which will later on enable users to feed different criteria, upon which a city map is generated with various suitable landing site alternatives marked. Later on, the tool for landing site planning and prioritisation will be piloted and thus, tried and tested.

This report focuses on the background analysis and development for a DST, to be used in planning suitable locations for landing and launch site (LLS) of Urban Air Mobility technologies, namely drones with a diameter not larger than 3 metres.

The report is primarily targeted to civil servants and municipal officials, especially those in municipal and regional organisations currently responsible for land use and public deployment of drone technology. 

Photo: Aviamaps (screenshot)