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Stavanger’s Progress in Nature-Based Solutions for Stormwater Management

27 June 2024
Stavanger aims to be at the forefront of adopting nature-based solutions (NBS) to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, particularly the rising challenge of stormwater and flooding. In City Blues project collaborative efforts were undertaken through a series of workshops to develop comprehensive baseline scenarios for Mosvatnet Park. The primary goal has been to refine the design of this pilot site through extensive stakeholder engagement and community feedback.
Technical details


Mosvatnet Park, central to Stavanger’s stormwater management strategy, is undergoing development to enhance its water retention and treatment capabilities. This initiative contributes to the city’s resilience against climatic changes and urban flooding. University of Stavanger organised a series of workshops to develop comprehensive baseline scenarios for Mosvatnet Park.

The journey began with an initial stakeholder workshop in December 2023 at the Victoria Hotel in Stavanger. This gathering brought together key local stakeholders, including representatives from Rogaland County Council, NORCE, the University of Stavanger (UiS), and the Stavanger Municipality. The workshop aimed to identify the current challenges and explore opportunities within NBS for effective stormwater management, laying the groundwork for potential future collaborations.

In February 2024, Rogaland County Municipality hosted an online regional collaboration workshop. This session focused on addressing cross-border climate challenges and examining the implementation of NBS across various municipalities, spotlighting Stavanger’s strategies for managing Mosvatnet Park.

The third event in this series also conducted online, took place in March 2024. This workshop allowed participants to concentrate on local climate adaptation actions and discuss best management practices for water and stormwater management, focusing on structural and managerial practices.

The second NBS workshop was held on 24 May 2024 at ‘The Rocket’ in Innoasis. The discussions centred on how the City and Regional Planning Department at UiS has integrated NBS into their pedagogical and project frameworks. The latter part of the workshop facilitated an open discussion on potential NBS projects and collaborations, significantly contributing to identifying opportunities for future engagements and projects.

As a result, four scenarios were created with which to continue working. An approach centred on the University of Stavanger modelling of increased stormwater flows into the lake, provides a basis for evaluating potential interventions and planning future infrastructure adjustments.