Bluegreen nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and citizen wellbeing
City Blues

Fruitful encounters in the City Blues kick-off meeting

12 February 2024
Project partners from Aarhus, Berlin, Malmö, Stavanger, Tallinn, Tampere and Tartu gathered in Tampere 30-31 January 2024 for the first in-person meeting of City Blues.
Technical details


In City Blues, cities, research institutions and their stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region have joined forces to support adaptation to negative effects of climate change, and to improve green and blue infrastructure through integrated nature-based solutions (NBS) for urban flooding and stormwater management.

Through pilots in five cities (Aarhus, Malmö, Stavanger, Tampere and Tartu), we will produce an operational model for the development and piloting of NBS for resilient urban watersheds.

In the kick-off meeting, the focus was on getting to know each other, the pilot areas and the future activities of the project.

Furthermore, the participants were introduced to Tampere’s work on climate and biodiversity and to examples on how to develop NBS together with residents using local species by the associated organisation Wild Zone. The opportunities for cooperation with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and Policy Area Nutri were also discussed.

Next up, the project partners will organise a meeting in Tartu in June 2024. Before that, the cities will be working intensively to develop baseline scenarios for the use of NBS in the pilot areas and to organise stakeholder workshops.