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02 April 2024
We are thrilled to unveil the latest updates from our project 'Circular spaces'! As we embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future, we're excited to share the progress we've made in the past 6 months.
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What does the newsletter include?

Webinar to Present Circular Spaces: In December we held an insightful webinar where we delved into the core principles and objectives of Circular spaces.

Partners Meet in Luckenwalde: Our recent partners’ gathering in Luckenwalde was a testament to the power of collaboration. Through dynamic discussions and shared visions, we’re forging pathways towards impactful change.

Survey for Target Groups: In the process of developing solutions, two surveys were conducted. Read more about them in the newsletter!

Focus Group Meetings in Makerspaces: Dive deep into the heart of innovation as we convene in makerspaces for focused discussions. These meetings were instrumental in shaping the direction of the training programme. (Available in the section ‘solutions’)

Meet Project Partners: Get to know the organisations behind Circular Spaces! Our diverse team of partners is united by a common goal: to drive sustainability forward through collective action.

Join us in this journey towards a circular economy, where every effort counts in building a brighter, more resilient future. Together, let’s create spaces that inspire sustainability, innovation, and lasting change.

The newsletter can be found in the link below or under the section ‘Solutions’ -> ‘Publications’ -> ‘Newsletters’